OLA. An actual smart lock

We have already talked about smart locks in this blog. They’re becoming more and more common nowadays. But they still rely too much on smartphones or other sensors. OLA is an outstanding product. It doesn’t need any key or smartphone to work properly. Just your hands and your fingreprint will be enough to open the door.

OLA connectivity

OLA includes bluetooth 4.0 connectivity (making the batteries last much longer) and a fingerprint sensor. If you use the fingerprint sensor, your lock will be keyless but also phoneless, becoming an actual smart lock. The fingerprint sensor included is FPC1020AM from Sweden. A really fast sensor that will open your door in less than a second.

OLA batteries

OLA has a pack of 4 AA batteries. But don’t worry if they run out of energy. A pack of 4 AAA batteries is also included for that kind of situations. The regular pack of 4 AA batteries will work for more than 30,000 times (more than 2 years of use). But in combination with the back up batteries, OLA will be functional for 7 years. Not enough? Well, a microUSB connection is also available for emergency situations.

OLA app

OLA has a nice app that will allow you to give or restrict access to your home. You can share a bluetooth key with relatives and friends or register their fingerprint. OLA can store up to 1,700 fingerprints. We think that will be enough… Moreover, you can get an access log to know who has gone in and out.

OLA installation

It’s really easy to install OLA. According to OLA engineers, it can be installed in less than a minute. Afterwards, you have to scan a QR code that is unique for your OLA lock. Finally, you must scan your fingerprint on the sensor. If you lose your phone or keys, the problem won’t be such important.

OLA is currently looking for funding in a Kickstarter campaign.


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