Omniflow. Wind & Solar power

Wind turbines at an urban scale are not really common. Its efficiency is quite low and there are several drawbacks such as the visual impact or the noise produced. Moreover, if there is no wind, no energy is generated. Omniflow is an amazing product that combines solar and wind energy in a unique solution. Its outstanding design allows making use of turbulent wind like the present in urban environments.

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Omniflow. Making use of any wind direction

We have already talked about wind turbines in this blog. One of the main drawbacks of horizontal axis wind turbines in urban areas, is that wind changes its direction constantly. Then, wind turbines must change also its direction to make use of that wind energy. Omniflow has a revolutionary design to use the turbulent inconsistent wind. It has an inverted wing shaped airfoil to direct the wind from any direction (omnidirectional) and promote a venturi effect that accelerates the wind in the direction of the central vertical axis turbine.

Furthermore, Omniflow integrates PV panels. They are divided in three zones and have microinverters for each one. It allows maximizing the energy production and prevent power drops by shades.

Omniflow characteristics

The maximum wind power is 3kW and the solar one is 0.8kW. Omniflow is available in three models: OM3.8, OM1.2 and OM07. The rated power generated with 11m/s ranges from 1060W to 300W. Besides, a smart lighting solution can be included to light up the place where Omniflow is installed.

Some of the advantages obtained are the energy bill reduction, low noise emission or no vibration transition. It can be placed on the ground or on a roof. If you are worried about birds, stop doing it. Omniflow is bird-friendly thanks to the protection diffuser.

We highly recommend you to visit the official website and know a bit more about this amazing solution for energy production.

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