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Fire detectors at home are mandatory in many countries around the world. However, its efficacy is not as good as we could expect. The number of false alarms is really high. And, therefore, the risk is increased as a possible false alarm could be a real one. Ontech Security in collaboration with the University of Huelva (Spain) has developed a much more accurate fire detector.

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Accurate fire detector by Ontech Security and the University of Huelva

The most common kind of fire detectors used at home is smoke detectors. They are quite cheap and reasonably sure. But you can imagine, that it isn’t a good idea to put one of them in the kitchen. Other types of detectors are temperature and gas ones.

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The solution made by Ontech Security and the University of Huelva includes all those different detectors in only one. That means, this new detector includes smoke, gas (CO) and temperature sensors. According to one of the researchers, there are two types of fire: with slow combustion or with fast combustion. This new detector can detect and know what kind of fire it is facing or if it is only you sausages smoke.

Furthermore, to detect properly a fire, it is very important the location (type of room) and height of the ceiling. The solution of Ontech Security has a special algorithm to take this into consideration. Its energy consumption is really low, what helps to reduce the battery requirements of the detector. According to the researchers, it can last up to 5 years with an only battery.

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As we live in the year 2015, everything must be connected. A simple and intuitive smartphone application that will help you to monitor all the alarms as well as mute the detector if you expect to produce so much smoke.

All this information is available in an article published in Sensors. We highly recommend you to take a look at it and keep up with the last products developed by Ontech Security.


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