Orison battery. Plug & play

Home batteries are becoming step by step more and more common. They are required when we have photovoltaic panels to store energy. Nevertheless, they are usually complex to install. Sometimes, you need a professional electrician. Orison has developed a new battery that is really easy to install. Moreover, it will help you to save money.

Orison battery

Orison batteries

As you can see in the image, it is not as big as other batteries. It’s 86cm high and 23cm wide. Therefore, its appearance is similar to a regular floor fan. Besides, another wall mount option is available. If you don’t like the modernist look of the wall mount option, you can tucked it behind any object or household appliance.

As previously mentioned, it’s amazingly simple to install and use. Just plug your Orison battery in and it will start charging. But we have a great piece of news! It will help you save money! How? Really easy. Electrical companies usually have different rates during the day. Orison batteries will only charge when the rates are the lowest. You will be able to use that stored energy when the rates are higher and save money. Furthermore, you can store energy from solar panels or wind turbines. But isn’t a good idea to store ‘cheap’ energy too?

Orison battery

And don’t forget. As any other battery, its more interesting characteristic is that it will provide energy when an outage takes place. Forget about losing that Word file that you have been writing for 10 hours whitout saving.

Orison batteries can store up to 2 kWh. They can provide 2 kW continously or reach 3.5 kW in peak situations. They have a warranty valid for the next 10 years.

Finally, a piece of advice: Orison is currently organizing a draw with both an Orison tower and panel. We encourage you to visit Orison website and know more about this amazing device. Don’t forget to participate in the draw!


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