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How many packages have you been unable to collect because you were out? And how many times have you had to go to your drop off office to collect them? Do you like it? I’m sure you don’t. To avoid those undesired situations, Parcelhome Smart Box will keep all your packages safe if you aren’t at home when the postman arrives.

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How does Parcelhome work?

Parcelhome Smart Box is really easy to use. When the delivery man arrives at your home, he just only have to leave the package in your Parcelhome. Afterwards, when you get home, you can take it from there. Its security levels are good as it relies on a dynamic codes. You will also be able to let a friend of you or a neighbour to take your packages.

The house owner will receive an alert on their smartphone when a package gets home. Besides, more than one delivery company can leave your packages at the same time.

Parcelhome Smart Box is being currently tested in Belgium. Their owners expect to export their idea to other countries such as United Kingdom, France or Germany in the foreseeable future.

Don’t lose your so desired shoes never again and visit Parcelhome website.

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