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Nowadays, different energy certificates for buildings such as BREEAM or LEED exists. One of the better-known is Passive House. It ensures that the energy requirements of a house are really low. Now, the first Passive House Premium has been certified. Let’s see some of their features.

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The House of Energy. First Passive House Premium certificate

Much better known as the House of Energy, the building is sited in Germany. The building is a mixture of residential and offices building. It has a surface of 900 sq meters and also space for the operations manager’s flat, a training centre, and a permanent exhibition on the topic of “Construction and Refurbishment”.

The heating demand is only 8 kWh/m2 and has at the same time a photovoltaics surfae of 250 sq meters. To obtain the Passive House Premium certificate, the house has the following features:

  • Triple-glazed windows
  • Excellent level of thermal protection
  • Airtight building envelope
  • Thermal bridge-free construction
  • Heat recovery system
  • Ground-source heat pump

If extra electricity is generated, the surplus is fed into the grid. That means, not only has the building a low energy consumption, but it also generates electricity for other buildings.

building services blog passive house premium

Both Passive House Premium and Plus were launched on April 2015. The energy requirements to obtain the Plus certificate is 45 kWh for overall reneable demand and at least the generation of 60 kWh/m2 with renewable sources. In the case of Premium certificate, the energy demand is 30 kWh/m2.

Furthermore, the maximum heating demand for all Passive House certificates is 15 kWh/m2. We must remind that the House of Energy has a really low demand of 8 kWh/m2. You can find all the technical details about the House of Energy here.

If you want to visit the House of Energy and you live nearby, you will have the opportunity from the 13th to the 15th of November. You can also visit any other Passive House during those days if you can’t visit the House of Energy.

Source: Gizmag


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