Peanuts for air filters

Have you ever thought about what to do with peanuts shells? You could make use of them as a biomass resource. But we’re looking for something more inventive today. As you know, we love the concept of biomimicry. Yes, using nature as a great teacher from who we can learn and improve our life. The strategies found in nature are usually sustainable and make use of unexpected resources. Then, what about doing an air filter with peanuts shells? That’s what reserachers from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México have thought. Let’s see its main features.

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Peanuts shells are more than just biomass

We can do more than just throwing away byproducts. We can think in an inventive way to reuse them. As we have previously said, of course biomass is a good solution. We could store them to create compost and use as fertilizer. However, we wouldn’t talk about peanuts in this blog if they can only be used as fertilizer.

Air filters are one of the most used elements in HVAC systems. They need to be changed regularly, for instance every month. Furthermore, they are crucial elements to have a good indoor atmosphere without pollutants or small particles. So, if they are so importante elements, why don’t we think a different way to manufacture them? The use of peanuts can be a great possibility.

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Researchers have found out that peanuts shells produce naturally microorganisms that can clean the air. This development is especially suitable for environments where solvents and methanol are present and convert them into carbon dioxide and water. The idea of this development is not just creating a barrier for pollutants, but removing them. It is a great idea for companies that work with ink or solvents. These companies usually have a polluted environment.

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