Phi Suea House: Solar + Hydrogen energy

We have talked several times about hydrogen in this blog. You may remember the production of hydrogen from corn or biomass, iPhones powered with hydrogen or patents from Toyota. However, it seems like hydrogen is still a bit far away from houses. Really few examples for energy production with hydrogen can be found. That’s why we want to talk about an amazing example today. Phi Suea House combines solar energy and hydrogen to provide enough energy for 4 houses. Let’s see some of its features.

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Phi Suea House. Doing things differently and inventively.

If we say that a house has photovoltaic or solar panels to obtain energy, that will not be surprising. However, if we include hydrogen to store the extra energy produced, that first approach changes. Phi Suea House is a project developed by CNX Construction. It will be finished by 29th January. And if you are available and want to attend to the first openning, you can request your invitation here.

But let’s focus on what is actually interesting. How Phi Suea House generates energy? Firstly, let’s talk about photovoltaic panels. There are 114kW that will generate about 441kWh of energy on a daily basis. This outstanding amount of energy may be too much for the necessities of the house. The excess will be stored in a battery system with a capacity of 4,000Ah, Afterwards, electrolyzers will convert that excess power into hydrogen applying an electrical curren to water.

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The hydrogen storage can produce up to 2,000l of hydrogen per hour and store up to 90,000 litres that should be enought to supply energy at night. Furthermore, solar panels to provide hot water have also been installed. Therefore, no energy is required to heat water up. Of course, extra features to achieve a mroe sustainable house have been implemented: LED lamps, thick walls, double glazing, etc.

We really encourage you to visit Phi Suea House website and attend the openning day if possible.

Source: Gizmag, CNX Construction


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