Pipeguard. A sewage project

Sewage systems are usualy invisible for citizens. We all expect they work properly. But most of us have never seen how they look like. Maybe, if we saw them, we would think carefully about what things we throw through the toilet. Maintenance is crucial for the good function of sewage systems. Pipeguard, an European project, tries to find a good solution to reduce the high cost of maintenance.

Pipeguard prototype

Pipeguard project

Led by the Fraunhofer Society, Pipeguard is an innovative project to reduce maintenance in sewage systems. Due to the restrictions in water usage and the desire to reduce maintenance costs, cities are facing a big problem in sewage systems. Nowadays, a big amount of water is waste in the cleaning process, not paying attention to the real necessities of cleaning.

Thanks to the prototype shown in the image, Pipeguard will notice the pollution degree and damages in the sewage system. With the data obtained, the cleaning process will be optimized through algorithms. Moreover, thanks to the inertial and position sensors, it will obtain a position mapping for the creation of networks maps (not available up to now).

Moreover, Pipeguard will help to reduce up to 35% of water usage thanks to its on-demand cleaning. We encourage you to visit Pipeguard project website, and keep up to the latest news about this amazing project.

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