Plumis fire supression technology

Some time ago, we brought in this blog an amazing sprinkler system developed by Plumis. Today, we want to show you a great enhancement of the system that will allow you to fight fires. The system has been teste by fire figthers. And they are really happy with Plumis new product.

Plumis_new automist

Plumis Automist

Automist was a great system that could be integrated in taps in the kitchen. The next step given by Plumis is outstanding. When a fire is detected by a heat detector, the Automist Spray Head starts to work. Equiped with a temperature camera, it checks the room to find the hottest point of the room. Afterwards, a water spray is thrown towards the fire.

The effectiveness of the Plumis solution is great. It can extinguish the fire in few seconds reducing the damages produced. As you can watch in the following video, several institutions of fire fighters have tested the Plumis development. The tests were carried out in three different scenarios: a kitchen, a bedroom and a living room.

Plumis solution is really easy to install. It can be a great option for retrofitting projects. It makes use of little water in comparison with other sprinkler systems. The most important part of the system is the pump: a very powerful but small pump. The performance of Plumis solution is outstanding. The suspended water helps to extinghuish the fire using much less water. Rooms after the tests were not affected by the fire.

The low water consumption makes it suitable for areas were water is scarce. Plumis is a good option for hotels, houses, offices and other kind of buildings. As mentioned by people from Liberty Mutual, it can be an amazing element for new and retrofitting buildings.

We encourage you to visit Plumis website and keep up with last news and products from Plumis.

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