PORT by Schindler: smart displacement

Efficiency in elevators is an important issue. The main way to save energy is optimizing its movements. PORT is a great tool to achieve it while remaining simple.

PORT schindler

Thanks to PORT, it is easy and really simple to save energy when using the elevator. The user just needs to select the floor to which he wants to go. Automatically, and taking into consideration other users decisions, PORT will tell which elevator is the most suitable for him. It will consider the shorter way to reach his destination and will avoid undesired stops. It will distribute users amongst the different elevators available, taking into account their destinations.

If it is an office building, it may be even easier. With a proximity card, the user will just need to show the card to the reader and will know the best option for his destination. Besides, it has accesibility features for people with visual problems or wheelchair users.

You can find more information in Schindler PORT website or PORT technology website.

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