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SCADA software is useful to control and check how an installation is working. We can obtain endless and useful data. Nevertheless, SCADA softwares are usually complex and difficult for regular users. A computer specialist is necessary many times. PowerStudio SCADA by Circutor wants to change that. With the help of some videos you will learn to get all the information of your installation.

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PowerStudio SCADA by Circutor

SCADA softwares are powerful tools. But they are useless if you don’t know how to use them. Circutor has realized that problem and has recorded some helpful videos to learn using PowerStudio. All those videos are available in Youtube without any kind of restriction. Thus, not knowing how to use a SCADA software is only a excuse now.

The list of videos available (at least in English and Spanish) is the following:

1.1- Elements of PowerStudio Scada.
1.2- How to install PowerStudio Scada?
2- How does the engine work?
3- Create your first application and communicate with the engine.
4.1- How to connect CVM-MINI to PowerStudio Scada?
4.2- TCP1RS+ configuration in PowerStudio Scada
4.3- How to connect RGU-10 to PowerStudio Scada?
4.4- How to connect CEM-C10 to PowerStudio Scada?
5.1- How does a Scada screen work?
5.2- Create your first screen.
5.3- Adding real time variables and conditional images.
5.4- Screen navigation.
6.1- How does a report work?
6.2- Create your first report.
7- How does the client work?
8.1- What are and how to create CALCULATED VARIABLES?
8.2- How to create PowerStudio Scada users?

Maybe learning about SCADA software isn’t in your priority list. But it can be useful to have some basic knowledge if you need to store data about an installation. Furthermore, it is extremely useful to have consumptions, efficiency, etc. under control in an installation.

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