Powerwall. A highly expected battery

Tesla was doing quite a lot of hype about the new home batteries that they were developing. Finally, Elon Mask unveiled Powerwall the 30th April. It is available in two different models but may not be as interesting as expected by customers.


Well, it seems interesting. But there are already a lot of similar batteries available in the market. Then, what makes Powerwall unique? Maybe it’s only its good appearance. We really believe that Powerwall is the first attractive battery available in the market. You won’t be so worried if somebody goes to your garage and sees it on the wall. Even, you will be proud of having one Tesla battery placed there.

Powerwall will be available in two different models: one with 7 kWh capacity and another one with 10 kWh. Tesla assumes that you will be using Powerwall in combination with a photovoltaics installation. Therefore, your main use of Tesla’s batteries will be at night, when sun sets.

It can provide up to 3.3 kW peak power and a continuos 2 kW power, enough for a regular home consumption. Powerwall encloses a lithium-ion battery and will cost $3,000 or $3,500 depending on the selected capacity.

It will be available by next summer. But according to some medias, if you want one of them, you will have to wait till summer 2016 due to the high number of bookings.

We encourage you to visit Tesla’s official website and take a look at Powerwall. Here, you have the video of its presentation by Elon Musk:


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