Presto XT. Timed tap products

Some time ago we talked about Presto. It’s a Spanish company that designs and manufacturers products for plumbing: taps, urinaries, toilets, etc. Today we bring a collection of new products. They’re called Presto XT and there’re many options available.


Presto XT products

Presto XT has more than 60 different products available. With five types of pushing buttons (Eco, Normal, Smooth, Non-stalling and for older people) they adapt to each kind of user. According to Presto, XT series can achieve up to 77% of water savings. It’s the result of the collaboration among architects, engineers, end-users and installers.

The timed taps Presto XT are available for basin taps and flow systems for urinaries.

We encourage you to visit Presto website and take a look at the new Presto XT series.

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