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Every year, several projects are funded by the EU to do research into energy efficiency, development of nZEB and so on. However, if we take a look at our cities, we might feel that buildings haven’t changed during the last decades. Only in the last few years, thanks to the regulation of energy labels, buildings are wasting less resources and emiting less pollutants. Why don’t new developments reach the market? Maybe, people involved in building design don’t know those new solutions. PROF TRAC is an European project that wants to solve the gap between research and ‘real world’.

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Gathering all the knowledge in one place: PROF TRAC

As we have mentioned before, several projects about buildings and energy efficiency are approved every year. We have talked about some of them in this blog. You may remember BUILD-UP, EAGLESolar or other projects. All of them have achieved or are currently achieving amazing results. However, once they are finished, results are forgotten and the research carried out isn’t properly exploded.

Then, why don’t we gather all the results in one place? That’s what the team behind PROF TRAC may have thought. Train the Trainers (TtT) Program is one of the most interesting parts of the project. Thanks to it, ambassadors will be able to learn the different EU available materials and teach them to building designers.

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Those materials can be found in an amazing searcher. As you can see in the image above, you just have to choose the topic, type of project, building use, type of material and language, et voilà, you’ll have all the materials available from European projects about your request. You can find outstanding data bases, PowerPoint presentations, software and so on.

We highly recommend you to take a look at PROF TRAC website and test the training material repository on your own. We are sure that you will find it a useful tool for your work.

Have you ever tried to find some material about an European project? Where did you search for it? Tell us!


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