Q9000 by Samsung. Turbo Ventilator

Winter Summer is coming. And the energy consumption because of air conditioning units and HVAC systems will increase. We like to be in places with a nice temperature. Neverthelss, we don’t usually mind about the energy required to get that temperature. Samsung Q9000 is a super ventilator with an outstanding performance.

Q9000 samsung

Q9000 characteristics

Samsung Q9000 has three turbines. They are inspired by aeronautical power reactors. Thanks to the different functions of the Q9000, they open and close in a stylish way. The different filters enclosed in the Q9000, avoid dust, pollen and other pollutants from spreading in your room. Moreover, an exclusive system is able to remove bacterias from air with an evaporative method. It also has a dehumidifier that provides more comfort to your room. We must remember that humidity is a very important air characteristic.

q9000 samsung_A

Q9000 is a really tall ventilator. With a height of 1.95 m, it’s thought for big rooms with plenty of space (as you can watch in the image). It is a noisless ventilator (bearing in mind its big size) that only produces up to 44 dB. It has a heating capacity of 8.2 kW and a cooling one of 7 kW.

In the next video you can watch a big description of the Q9000:

We encourage you to visit Samsung website and know a bit more about the Turbo Jet Ventilator Q9000.


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