recoVAIR. Heat recovery by Vaillant

Heat recovery ventilators in houses are becoming more and more common. Standards and regulations make mandatory to renovate the indoor air. Nevertheless, if we just renovate the air, we would need to heat the new air. RecoVAIR by Vaillant can help to reduce the necessity of heating in your building. That’s possible making use of the heat of the stale warm air of your house.



recoVAIR products can handle up to 360 m3/h of air depending on the model. Moreover, what makes unique to recoVAIR, is the inclusion of sensors (CO2, pressure and humidity). Thanks to them, the system knows when it must start to work. The filters installed (FP7) are up to four times higher than other devices.

The efficiency rates achieved are outstanding. With up to 95% of efficiency in sensible heat, recoVAIR can be placed in passiv haus houses.

We invite you to visit Vaillant website and know more about recoVAIR products.


  1. Endy14

    Hi there. My husband and I decided to change the heating system in our home, so I decided to surf the forums and websites to find something. Nothing better we have not yet found. The system recoVair described in the article matches our requirements, but but it is new and obviously is expensive. Therefore, if there is anything so effective but much cheaper, we are happy to listen to advice:)

    1. instetsaun

      Hi Endy14!

      Thank you for you comment and for visiting our website. We cannot make any clear recommendation. Nevertheless, we think that other trademarks such as Daikin, Siber or Soler&Palau can be good options. They have also great heat recovery systems with high efficiency rates (90% or more) and we think that they will be cheaper.

      What do you like the most of recoVAIR? The filters? The CO2, humidity and pressure sensors? Maybe we can be helpful if we know more precisely what are you looking for.

      Have a nice day and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+! ;)

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