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Biomass plants to generate energy from wood or animal wastes are really common. They allow us to diminish the amount of waste produced and to generate energy at the same time. However, sometimes the cost of waste pretreatment makes this solution less cost-effective. In regular biomass plants, pretreatment is absolutely required for the proper function of the plant. Thus, looking for an alternative solution to simplify the treatment process is necessary. REnescience is a great project that will build the first commercial full-scale plant in the UK.

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REnescience technology. Say ‘goodbye’ to pretreatment

Waste production in big cities is continuously increasing. Current recycling techniques can help to face the problem, but they are not a definitive solution. Big amounts of waste are still thrown in dumps without any kind of treatment. Therefore, we need to find a completely sustainable solution for waste.

REnescience was a project launched in 2009. After several years in a pilot station, it is going to be built in a commercial and full-scale plant in Norwich. The technology implemented by REnescience is able to separate waste to make use of it in a more sustainable way. It deletes the necessity of people doing the pretreatment phase or even the requirement of different containers for each kind of waste in cities.

REnescience has been developed by DONG Energy. The annual capacity of the new plant will be 120,000 tonnes of waste. Approximatelly, the amount of waste produced by 110,000 houses in UK. This amazing plant won’t only recycle waste, but will also generate energy.

One of the outputs obtained will be ‘high quality bioliquid’ that will be used to produce biogas. As you may know, biogas is an amazing biofuel that can substitute natural gas. It can be used for boilers, electricity production or even as fuel for transportation.

The new plant will be commisioned by 2017. We do believe it is a great idea and we hope to hear from similar projects in the foreseeable future to recycle waste and generate energy at the same time. You can find more information in REnescience website.

Sources: BusinessGreen, DONG Energy

Do you think that this is a good way to manage waste? Do you know similar projects? Tell us!

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