REPLICATE. Making Smart Cities

Smart cities should be the only solution for urbanism in a few years. Making cities more sustainable and healthier for people must be the main goal. REPLICATE is an amazing project that will help to develop a methodology to bulid smart cities. We hope that the results obtained will be outstanding.

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REPLICATE. Learning from smart cities

REPLICATE has been accepted within the call of lighthouse projects for Smart Cities of Horizon 2020 projects. The project will start in three European cities: San Sebastian (Spain), Florence (Italy) and Bristol (United Kingdom). Afterwards, the solutions applied will be replicated in other cities: Essen (Germany), Lausanne (Switzerland) and Nilüfer (Turkey).

Among the different solutions that will be implemented we can find retrofiting of buildings, electrical mobility, renewable energies, smart grids or ICT solutions. The main goal of REPLICATE is to create a business model for sustainable cities to promote the transition to smart cities.

To make possible the transfer phase from the first cities to the second ones, the following criteria are essential:

  • Reduction of energy costs.
  • Social integration, avoiding exclusion and promoting a healthier city and wellness.
  • Environmental perspective: energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and improvement of infrastructures.

REPLICATE consortium

REPLICATE is led by San Sebastian Council. Other companies and institutions that are part of REPLICATE are the following ones:

  • Spain: Zabala, Ikusi, Endesa Energía, Eurohelp Consulting, Iluminación Inteligente Luix, Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation, Euskaltel, Compañía del Tranvía de San Sebastián, Esade Business School and Sistelec Soluciones de Telecomunicación.
  • United Kingdom: Bristol Council, University of Bristol, University of Oxford, Bristol is Open, Zeetta Networks, Knowle West Media Centre, Toshiba Research Europe, Route Monkey, Esoterix Systmes, Nec Laboratories Europe, Commonwheels Car Club Cic and University of the West of England.
  • Italy: Comune di Florence, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Enel Distribuzione, Mathema, Spes Consulting, Telecom Italia, Universita degli Studi di Florence and Thales Italia.
  • Germany: Stadt Essen and Technomar.
  • Turkey: Nilufer Belediyesi.
  • Switzerland: Ville de Lausanne.

Source: Zabala

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