Roca One Day Design Challenge 2015

Toilets, sinks, taps and other bathroom equipments haven’t changed very much in the last years. They remain more or less similar. It’s true that their design has changed. But the funcionalities remain the same. The Roca One Day Design Challenge looks for inventive ideas that make a revolution in bathroom conception. Let’s see what the winners of the 2015 edition have proposed.

Roca One Day Design Challenge b building services blog

Roca One Day Design Challenge 2015

One of the most boring, tedious and upleasant tasks at home is cleaning. And this feeling grows up when you must clean up your bahtroom. Hair, rests of toothpaste, soap, etc. All those things are usually present in a sink. We really believe that nobody enjoys cleaning their bathroom. And that thought is the same that the winners of the Roca One Day Design Challenge of 2015 had.

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The solution that made them win is simple but inventive. Let’s make a rotative basin that cleans itself up automatically. With a system of water channels, the interior and exterior parts of the sink are cleaned. We don’t really know the amount of water required, but it looks promising.

The Roca One Day Design Challenge was held at the same time in Madrid and Barcelona the last 17th of October. The contest looked for innovative solutions with minimal cleaning necessities. The first prize was for two students from Barcelona. The second prize was a removable sink. That sink could be then cleaned in the dishwasher.

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We really hope to see these amazing solutions available in regular shops as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we will have to clean up our bathroom as we have made till now.

What do you think about these developments? Would you buy one of them if available? Or would you prefer to keep cleaning your bathroom?

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