Rose growers boost their crops with LED

We have already seen in this blog that LED lighting is amazing. Not only is it a more efficient technology for lighting, but also it can be used in unbelievable fields. You may remember that we talked about growing crops in indoor buildings. Well, today we would like to show a study case. A very romantic one. Rose growers are making use of LED lighting to boost their crops and produce much more roses. Let’s see some of their results.

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LED lighting to boost rose yields

Powered by Philips GreenPower LED toplighting, three of the biggest rose producers have installed this great solution. The main advantages of the project is that it produces more light with the same amount of energy, it has an optimized light spectrum and a very reduced radiated heat.

Producers are obtaining savings of up to 42% of energy. The system was introduced in July 2015, and the results look promising after 5 months of use.

“This technology is particularly interesting for rose growers because their crops require some of the highest levels of light in the floriculture industry. It’s not unusual for roses to require 4,000 to 5,000 light hours in a year.  Growers can use LED toplighting to save energy, steer their climate better, create more lighting hours in spring, summer and autumn and get more growth and/or quality.”

Three different rose producers have installed this LED lighting. They are sited in Belgium and Netherlands. The areas where the solution has been implemented range from 1,300 to 17,000 squared meters. One of the rose producers tells his experience as following:

“Keeping air inside reduces my costs, and also helps me maintain a better balance because I’m not constantly having to add extra CO² to compensate for what’s going out the window. I will be able to light my plants for more hours without raising the crop temperature and retain more CO² which will increase my crop growth and thereby increase my quality or yields.”

We encourage you to visit regularly Philips website and keep up with the latest news about this horticulture technology powered with LED.

Source: Philips

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