Saver. Breathing in a fire

Have you ever been in a fire? Have you ever been unable to breath because of smoke? If yes, you know exactly how difficult is to keep calm and go out of the building where you are. Saver is a simple device that will help you to leave your burning home without breathing problems.


Firefighters know how difficult is to breath in a fire. Their equipment is prepared to handle those situations. Nevertheless, in our regular home isn’t common to have something that help us. Saver is very easy to use. You just have to open it and place the nose grip and place it on your nose. Afterwards, bite the mouthpiece and breath into it. Finally, run with your lighting and leave your home.

Saver filters

It has three filters to remove toxic particles: Pre filter: non-woven fabrics filter smoke and dust. Hopcalite filter: removes carbon monoxide. HEPA filter: removes second-hand toxic smoke and material.

It can provide up to five minutes of safe breathing.

If you want more information you can visit SafetyiQ webpage or their Indiegogo campaing.

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