SBR Klaro Easy. A sludge from Graf

Domestic sludges are really important in some places where water supply isn’t guaranteed. They are usually quite expensive machines that rely on complex live parts. SBR technology achieves changing this problem.

SBR Graf

SBR technology

All movements required within the tank are created using three air pumps operated with a compressor. This fact takes out the necessity of live parts that usually break down and need expensive repairs. Its most important and significant point is that it doesn’t need a high maintenance level. The technical cabinet with the compressor and other switches can be placed in the house.

The SBR Klaro Easy sludge is expandable. It means that can be adjusted according to the necessities of the house. Moreover, it has a holiday mode. Its installation is really easy as it has a colour code that avoids incorrect connections.

We invite you to visit Graf website and know a bit more about SBR Klaro Easy sludge.

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