Serie Assolo. A unique heat pump

Heat pumps need a lot of outdoor space. They aren’t usually really beautiful. Furthermore, you need to connect it to your radiators or ventilation system with pipes that might have leaks or other problems. Therefore, if you can, you don’t install it. Nevertheless, it’s very common that people need a heat pump to be comfortable at home in winter or summer. Serie Assolo is an amazing heat pump but it doesn’t have a external unit. Everything is enclosed in a radiator-like device.

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Serie Assolo. Forget about external units

As we have said, the most interesting point of Serie Assolo is the lack of external unit. But there are other interesting features too. It can be controlled with a remote controller. Moreover, it is really easy to use and will show the temperature in a small LED as can be seen in the image above.

Regarding its appearance, Serie Assolo is only 23 cm wide. It’s made of polycarbonate panels, giving as a result, an stylish radiator. It needs to be connected to the exterior with two tubes to take outdoor air and to throw the stale air of the room. Serie Assolo can process up to 50m3/h. Thanks to the technology implemented, the condensed water won’t be a problem. It doesn’t need any pipe to delete those condensations.

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Maybe you’re thinking about noise. If there is no external unit, the process is made in the room. This has also been studied and limited to values between 41 and 57 dB. Furthermore, it can be installed on the floor or the wall depending on your necessities. The tubes can be 2 m long.

Finally, Serie Assolo can provide up to 2.46 kW for chilled air with an EER of 2.53, and 2.75 kW for heated air with a COP of 2.90.

You can find more information about Serie Assolo in the following link. We’re sorry that it’s in Italian.

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