Sewage treatment to produce energy

Wastewater can be a big problem in big cities. The amount of wastewater that needs to be treated is increased over and over. Some local solutions can solve the problem to treat water as we have already seen in this blog. The energy required in sewage treatment plants is really high and needs to be diminished. Alternative solutions have been proposed. One study case developed by the Water Technology Mexican Institute can even produce energy from sewage.

sewage energy

Sewage energy

Wasterwater has great amounts of renewable energy. For instance, in a residential use, it could even produce up to 2.2 kW/hm3. That means, it could even generate the 7% of energy consumed at home.

Thanks to fuel cells based on microorganisms (CCM), a double positive effect is obtained:

  1. Renewable energy is produced: methane, hydrogen and electricity.
  2. Wastewater is treated and cleaned.

Thanks to the organic materia contained in wastewater, microorganisms can make use of it as a source of carbon. The CCM can also be attached to photovoltaic panels to improve the efficiency of the system.

CCMs do not require big constructions, but it’s important that they can be easily scalable.

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