Siemens smoke detector. Analysis

Today, we bring our first product exploration. It is a simple smoke detector manufactured by Siemens. We all have seen one of them in our work place or library. However, very few of us have ever seen how it is composed and which different elements needs to work properly.


What’s inside a Siemens smoke detector?

As you can see in the next image, there are two different parts that enclose the most important elements of the Siemens detector: the air movement inductor and the lense that ‘sees’¬†the smoke. This last element, is connected to a microchip that sends the emergency signal to a central station.


Finally, a LED diode pulse while the smoke detector is working in order to show that it is correctly connected and checking if there is smoke in the room. The LED is inside the detector, and the light emited by it is transmited outdoors through a plastic cylinder.

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