Sm@rt shower and tap. A smart bathroom

When talking about the smart home, we usually think about lighting, blinds, HVAC control or security cameras. However, it is really difficult to find ‘smart’ items in a bathroom. It’s true that automating a toilet or a tap may not make too much sense. Nevertheless, it could be a good idea to have more intuitive controllers to reach a desired temperature or maintain a specific water flow. Presto has designed Sm@rt shower and tap (or Sm@rt ducha and Sm@rt lavabo in Spanish). Let’s see some of their features to have a smarter bathroom.

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The complete smart home thanks to Sm@rt shower and tap

When we think about automation, we are thinking about achieving energy savings thanks to programming some instructions regarding our habits or schedules. For example, we can save energy with a smart thermostat that switches off the boiler when we are away. We can also make our life more comfortable by switching on the lights when we get home.

However, automating a bathroom is quite difficult. It doesn’t make sense to program the toilet or the tap to switch on and off automatically. Then, can’t we have a smart bathroom? Well, maybe not as automated as the rest of your house, but we can also save energy (and water) by using smart controllers.

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Both sm@rt shower and tap allow us to fix the desired temperature and water flow with a touchscreen. Furthermore, we can limit the time of the shower and know the global water consumption. The colour screen will also provide nice information about weather for example. Some of the most remarkable characteristics for both Sm@rt shower and tap are:

220V electrical connection

Recommended pressure 2-3 bar (maximum 5 bar)

Recommended temperature 10-60ºC (maximum 70ºC)

High resistant glass screen

We recommend that you visit Presto website to know more about these two amazing products to make your bathroom smarter.

Would you install these products in your bathroom? Do you rely on their proper working? Tell us!

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