Smart WiFi pavement. Under your feet

Placing router for public WiFi can be a nightmare. They aren’t usually really beautiful. Furthermore, they can be a target for vandalism. Thus, looking for a new site to install them is necessary. Virgin Media has had a brilliant idea. Why don’t we place WiFi routers under our feet? The smart WiFi pavement is a promising solution with good results.

Smart Wifi Pavement 2

Smart WiFi pavement. Testing an inventive solution.

Virgin Media and Chiltern District Council have made the first installation of WiFi routers. They will be available for everybody. If you are a a free-WiFi-hunter, you will be happy. Also if you are an inhabitant or a business owner.

Users are reaching really high download speeds: up to 166 Mbps. To connect your smartphone or device to the WiFi network, you just have to download the Virgin app. Afterwards, just selecting the network is enough.

Smart WiFi Pavement

Chesham inhabitants are really happy with the development. Some of the characteristics of the new Smart Wifi pavement are the following ones:

  • Local people can download an episode of Coronation Street, Strictly Come Dancing or Gogglebox at the Bus Stop with a download speed of less than 35 seconds assuming a file size of 634Mb
  • The new pilot offers street wide coverage using variety of discreet street furniture such as the UK’s first Smart Pavement. It connects directly to Virgin Media’s fibre network and provides ultrafast WiFi via a submerged access point beneath a specially developed resin cover.
  • Rainproof access points use a mixture of the latest tech including fibre optic cabling and superior DOCSIS 3 technology.
  • This ultrafast WiFi is possible even at distances of up to 80m from Virgin Media’s high street cabinets.
  • Out-of-home WiFi can save users money on their mobile phone bills by reducing the amount of mobile data they us when out and about in town.

We do believe that this kind of solutions are outstanding. And we would be delighted if more similar solutions arise. Having access to a good internet connection is essential nowadays.

Source: Virgin Media

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