Smarthome is real nowadays

Smarthome devices and technologies are already available all over the world. Nevertheless, its use isn’t as high as expected (and desired) by companies. Which are its problems?


Millions of people have a smartphone. This fact makes possible to think about a connected home. Household appliances manufacturers are starting to assemble products with WiFi connection. Thanks to it, we can order our washing machine to start working, know the food levels in our fridge or close our windows if the pollution levels outdoors are high .

However, all these nice ideas aren’t so much widespread and too few people really know them. Why? Money isn’t a problem. The difference between a connected machine and a regular one is only 1.5€. Security could be an awkward issue. Many people fear that a hacker may break the security walls and control their home easily. But the protocols used are strong enough to don’t make this work easy.

The real and more likely reason is that a unique and common protocol isn’t available. Each manufacturer is developing its own way of work and not sharing with other companies. The actual loser of this war is the end user. Trying to cope with this problem, Chinese industries have decided to work together and use open source protocols. We hope other manufacturers take the same option and more devices become compatible with these technologies. This would make the smarthome concept real and affordable for everyone.

Source: El País

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