Snail shell can improve batteries thanks to a peptide

Once again, biomimicry is the main character of a post in this blog. Today, snail shells bring an outstanding application for batteries.


Evgenia Barannikova is the main researcher of the project and student of the University of Maryland. She has discovered that some of the components of the snail shell have properties that can improve batteries. Precisely, the main ingredient is a peptide that can be found also in other shellfish or even human bones and teeths.

This peptide is used as a cement. The different battery components (carbono nanotubes, nickel oxide, manganese and lithium) are connected one to each other although they are inorganic and organic components. Therefore, the peptide works as a bridge to link them.


No functional battery has been designed yet. But the team has achieved to get a cathode with better electrical properties than current ones.

As the main researcher says “I think we should pay more attention to nature in order to find solutions for the technological challenges we have to face”. That is, in a nutshell, what biomimicry looks for.

Source: El Pais.

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