Spider panels to gather water

Many cities and villages in the world have great problems to get water. They need to walk for hours to get to a well. Moreover, they have to carry with heavy bottles of water after refilling them. Spider can be of aid to these locations. Spider web is an amazing system to catch water. Then, why don’t we mimic it?

Spider panels01

Spider webs to gather water

Sidi Ifni, a village in Morocco has built vertical panels to gather water from fog. The idea is really simple and copies what spiders do. A big grid catches the small water drops from fog. Afterwards, a system of pipes collects all the water and distribute it as a regular system.

The system is suitable for places where water is limited. In those areas, fog is really common. In Sidi Ifni, 40 vertical panels have been placed supplying water for 92 homes. DSH, the organization responsible for this project, expects to build more panels in other areas where the solution is also suitable.

We encourage you to visit DSH website and know more about his project.

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