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Several home batteries with high capacity have been unveiled during the last year. They are key elements in a renewable energy facility as they can store the extra electricity produced and make use of it at night or during an outage. However, specially when talking about solar energy, it is really common to forget a crucial element: inverters. These items are even more important when talking about high-voltage batteries. SMA has developed Sunny Boy Storage. Thanks to it, electricity storage will have a similar price to common household electricity rates.

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Sunny Boy Storage. An inverter for high-voltage batteries

First of all, we may remember what an inverter does. When a photovoltaic panel produces electricity, it is generated in DC. However, most of our household appliances (fridge, oven, TV, washing machine and so on) work with AC. Therefore, we need ‘something’ that converts the DC in AC. And that ‘something’ is an inverter.

We have talked several times about high capacity batteries in this blog. They are amazing developments that make closer the possibility of living in an off-grid society. You may remember the highly expected Powerwall by Tesla, EcoBlade by Schneider, Daimler batteries or Orison ones.

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All these batteries are high-voltage, what means that we shouldn’t use a conventional inverter. SMA is the first manufacturer that has provided an AC-coupled inverter for high-voltage batteries:

This means, the storage system operates in parallel with the PV system, making it possible to easily and cost-effectively integrate battery storage systems into existing PV installations, while also flexibly enhancing the storage system. The reason for this is that with an AC-coupled storage solution it is not necessary to touch the PV system. With our solution, we can thus also tap into the major market of existing PV installations.

Although Sunny Boy Storage won’t be available till March 2016, it will be unveiled today by SMA. And don’t forget that it is also really important to have a good management system. A good idea could be to make use of SMA Sunny Home Manager.

Source: SMA

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