Sunny Home Manager by SMA

We have talked many times about renewable energies in this blog. They are a basic part of building services nowadays. Nevertheless, a big gap in some aspects such as their efficiency or integration still exists. In the case of photovoltaics, the management of the energy obtained is crucial. Sunny Home Manager, a smart device developed by SMA expects to help us with that issue.

Sunny Home Manager SMA

Sunny Home Manager

To save energy and money, the Sunny Home Manager can learn from your habits as other devices do. Whether it’s important to manage the energy produced by photovoltaic panels, it’s also vital to know how that energy is waste at home. In combination with wireless sockets developed by SMA, the system can provide recommendations. This encourages the selfconsume and let us know which are the household appliances with bigger consumptions.

The Sunny Home Manager makes use of EEBus connection. This allows to connect with other household appliances that use this protocol to manage energy in a smarter way.

Sunny Portal

SMA has created a website where you can check the energy produced and consumed at home called Sunny Portal. With a simple and visual interface, you can see quickly the amount of energy produced by your renewable sources and the consumption.

We encourage you to visit SMA website and take a look at the Sunny Home Manager tool.

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