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Have you ever thought about installing solar panels at your house? Yes? And why don’t you have them? Maybe thousands of doubts arose when you were thinking about it. Is my house suitable for installing solar panels? How much does it cost? Can I afford the installation? How much energy and money will I save? Well, they are common doubts. Project Sunroof has now been unveiled and will try to help you with all these questions.

Sunroof project

Project Sunroof

Developed by Google, Project Sunroof is a great initiative to help users decide if they should or not install solar panels. It’s based on Google Maps information. It also takes into account the 3D modeling of your roof. What about shadows? They can ruin your installation if you don’t take them into account. No problem, Project Sunroof will know the shadows cast by nearby structures and trees.

Of course it will bear in mind all the sun positions in a year. And finally, but not less important, temperature and cloud patterns that can affect the performance of your installation. The next video shows how Project Sunroof works:

Amazing? That’s not all. Once you have finished checking if your house is a good place for solar panels, you will get information about companies that can make the installation. Project Sunroof will let you know the total price of the installation and the savings you will get. You can choose if you expect to buy your solar panels, loan or lease them.

Project Sunroof is only available in Boston, San Francisco Bay and Fresno. They expect to increase their area to the USA soon and to the rest of the world later. This initiative can be of great help for users and building services engineers or architects. As solar panels installation is a big investment, being aware of the feasibility is a great idea.

You can find more information in Project Sunroof website. Although it’s currently down, we hope it will come back in some hours.


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