SVC3 by Jeremias. Easier than ever

The installation of ducts in a building under construction requires a lot of time. And time is money in the construction phase. Therefore, if a system could help us to reduce that time, wouldn’t it be a great solution? Jeremias think so. SVC3 is the new duct system that reduces the time needed to make the installation of ducts in the construction phase of a building.

SVC3 duct

SVC3 meets the requirements of the Spanish building standards in terms of pressure resistance and tightness. According to Jeremias, SVC3 can reduce the time of installation by up to 60% in comparison to the helicoidal traditional system. As an image is worth a thousand words, you can watch this next video:

How to install SVC3

First of all, the ‘T’ piece to connect to the previous part of the duct must be installed. Afterwards, the installators must only measure the distance required for the duct. SVC3 has a telescopic system that avoids cutting any piece what simplifies the process. With a clamp, the distance is fixed. After installing the duct, another ‘T’ piece is placed for the connection with the upper floor.

As you can watch on the video, the time required is minimum compared to the helicoidal system. Moreover, few tools are necessary for the installation of the system.

We encourage you to visit Jeremias website and take a look at SVC3.

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