Swap by Arkoslight. Minimalist lighting

The increase of LED solutions for housing lighting has increased throughout the last years. Swap is a great example of it. It’s a nice light to be installed recessed in ceilings. Its good design has been awarded with a Reddot Award in 2015.


Swap options

Swap is available in two different models. The first one could be called the ‘regular’ one. It throws the light in a straight way. It’s available in three different sizes: S, M and L.

The second one is an asymetric model. It’s available in two sizes: M and L.

Both models are available in three different colours: white, red and gold. Many of us would choose the white one. But placing the red one could be a great option to make colourful our living rooms.

As said in the introduction, thanks to its good design, Swap has achieved the Reddot Award to Best Design in 2015. Arkoslight had already been awarded in 2014 with Lark-111 LED.

We encourage to visit Swap website and take a look at the different models available.

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