Tower Eiffel is producing its own energy

The best known monument in Paris is the Tower Eiffel. Its great structure has always been very attractive to tourisms. The vast amount of lights and other services such as elevators require a high energy consumption. In order to handle those power requirements, some renewable sources have been installed in the Tower Eiffel.

tower eiffel wind turbine

Two wind turbines are the main innovation. They are able to produce up to 10,000 kWh per year. This means enough energy for daily requirements in the Tower Eiffel. They have been designed by Urban Green Energy. The wind turbines have been painted in bronze in order to mimetice its design with the Tower Eiffel one. This was one of the most important points in its design: its should noisless and unnoticeable.

Other energy generation improvements such as solar power, LED lighting and rainwater gathering have also been installed in the Tower Eiffel.

Source: Xataka

Photograph: The Guardian

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