TRIBE: a game for energy efficiency

Adquiring energy efficiency measures is usally difficult for users. The education we received wasn’t focused on that. And we have some habits that we should change. What about doing it while playing? TRIBE is a funny project to achieve it.


Coordinated by CIRCE (Energy resources and consumptions research center), TRIBE searches for users who want to learn how to save energy in an easier way. Companies and other research centres from Austria, France, Sweden, Turkey and Spain collaborate in the project.

The game is free for different systems and will include public buildings. Some of the examples are the University of Ozyegin in Turkey, CIRCE headquarters or Azucarera Institute in Zaragoza.

TRIBE expects to achieve real energy savings up to 20% in the buildings included in the game. CIRCE hopes that current users will learn the saving measures proposed in the game.

TRIBE is funded by the European Comission within the Horizon2020 program and will last for 3 years.

Source: CIRCE.

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