Tuta S30: an affordable solution for home automations

Home automations is a good way to improve our house energy efficiency and save money thanks to it. Nevertheless, it is still quite expensive and the installation is usually very complex for a regular user. That is why home automations is not widely implemented all over the world. Tuta S30 tries to break this wall.


Bearing in mind these problems, Tuta S30 has been developed. It is true that its design may not be the most beautiful we have ever seen. However, its affordable price makes it a good option for beginers.

Its ease of use is a great advantage. We just need a SIM card and our mobile phone. There is no Ethernet connections, nor Wi-Fi antennas. The orders are sent by SMS and it also contains a temperature sensor.

It is so simple that you may feel limited soon. But it is a good start while we wait for more affordable solutions like this one.

Source: El Confidencial

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