VolkerWessels plastic road

Asphalt roads aren’t sustainable at all. Moreover, they have big maintenance costs and require a lot of time to be built. VolkerWessels, a Dutch company, is developing a new type of plastic road made of plastic waste. Its great number of advantages and possibilities make it a nice solution for new road constructions.

VolkerWessels plastic road

VolkerWessels PlasticRoad

According to VolkerWessels, the PlasticRoad is much more sustainable and can be used for power generation, quite road surfaces, heated roads and modular construction. Moreover, and what is interesting for a Building Services Blog, is that cables, pipes, etc. can be placed in a space below.

Made of plastic waste collected in the oceans (to fight against the plastic soup), the solution is a prefabricated module. It would reduce drastically the construction time required. Furthermore, it makes easier to have a more controlled quality control in roads.

VolkerWessels solution doesn’t require maintenance. Corrosion and weather doesn’t affect it. The lifespan of roads is expected to be tripled. It can handle temperatures from -40 ºC to 80 ºC.

Finally, the hollow space is a great solution to instal pipes and cables. It can be useful to integrate sensors measuring equipment, etc.

We really encourage to visit VolkerWessels website and know more about PlasticRoads.

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