Walkable photovoltaics. Promising solution

The integration of photovoltaic panels in buildings is usually a nightmare for architects. They aren’t as stylish as architects would like. Moreover, its efficiency isn’t still as high as we would like. Nevertheless, some companies have already developed a new and promising solution. Why don’t we install photovoltaics panels on the floor? Instead of installing them on the roof or in solar farms, let’s put them like a tile on the floor. Walkable photovoltaics are now available and the first results are amazing.

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Walkable photovoltaics. Why not?

The proper integration of photovoltaics has always been a challenge. Nowadays, there are different solutions such as facade modules or roof tiles that include photovoltaics. Furthermore, the interest in solar energy grows up everyday. Even companies that have no relation to solar energy like Google, are developing amazing tools.

Today, we want to show you three different options of walkable photovoltaics. It’s true that further development might be required. But the first results obtained are great and look promising. Let’s see what they do.

Onyx Solar

This first company has a long experience in PV. Regarding its walkable photovoltaics solution, the most remarkable properties are that it has anti-slip properties and it supports up to 400 kg in point load tests. Furthermore, it has a LED lighting system. It can be used to personalized the building at night. You can visit their website here.

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This Dutch company has become really famous thanks to the first solar bycicle lane. The solution, already implemented, has shown amazing results. The production of electricity is even higher than expected. During the first year of use, it has generated up to 70 kWh per square meter. That’s incredible and could make ‘greener’ bycicle lanes. You can visit their website here.

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Solar Roadways

Finally, which may be the most risky project. Solar Roadways fulfilled an Indiegogo campaing, obtaining more than 2 million dollars. Their walkable photovoltaics solution can be built even for roads. Moreover, it has other amazing features such as lighting (with a LED matrix) or even melting down the snow in winter. A great solution for snowy places. It is based on an hexagonal matrix that allows installing as many pieces as necessary. You can visit their website here.

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We really believe that these developments are amazing and really promising. We look forward to watching these PV products installed in our cities as soon as possible.

What do you think? Do you believe that PV is the future? Do you like these solutions? Tell us!

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