Waterkotte: stylish and efficient heat pumps

Today, we bring some new products from Waterkotte. They are manufacturers of multiple products for building services such as photovoltaics, convector, underfloor heating, etc. Today, we want to focus on air-water and geothermal heat pumps.


With their last products, the Eco Touch Ai1, Waterkotte has introduced into the market high efficient heat pumps. Some of their main and most interesting features are:

-Intuitive control system. Thanks to EasyCon, the software is easy to use. Nobody will have a problem switching on and off the heating. It is controlled in a similar way to smartphones.

-Power up to 18 kW. With COP values up to 5.1, the Eco Touch is one of the most efficient heat pumps. Moreover, it is noisless.

-Low impact. Thanks to its reduced surface and stylish design it won’t suppose a big impact in your services room. You will only need 0.38 sq m to install it.

You can find more information in Waterkotte website.

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