Watly. Water, electricity, connectivity

Access to clean water, electricity and internet connectivity have become major needs today. Nevertheless, they aren’t available in many places. Watly, an amazing product, expects to fulfil those necessities. It doesn’t require external sources of energy to work. Thus, it’s completely autonomous.


Watly, all in one

As we have mentioned, Watly can produce clean water, electricty and offer internet connectivity by itself. But, let’s see in more detail how each feature works:


First of all, it must be remarked that Watly doesn’t require an electricity connection. It can generate the energy that it needs to work. Watly can purify up to 3 millions of liters per year. Don’t worry if the source of water is extremely polluted. It will deal with it and water will be clean. Watly can desalinate water from the ocean, eliminate pathogens and microorganisms of polluted water, inorganic compounds, poisons, etc. It can even clean radiactive water.

Well, you all are thinking that this is great. But, how does it work? How long do the membranes need to be changed? How many of them does Watly use? The answer is amazing: no membranes, no maintenance. Watly makes use of a process called vapor compression distillation. And effective and powerful system to clean water.


As we have said, Watly is autonomous. It can work off-grid to supply all the internal equipments (computers, screens, etc.). Furthermore, it supplies electricity to external devices: smartphones, portable computers, etc. Of course, this electricity is generated with photovoltaic panels. It can produce up to 70 kWh per day. The technology implemented, allow maintaining a lower temperature in the panels to increase their efficiency. Moreover, a battery of 140 kWh has been installed.



Watly is a hub where you can connect your smartphone or computer to send and receive information. But what is more interesting. If more than one Watly is installed, they will connect with each other creating a great network. The interaction human-computer has been ensured thanks to webcams, touch screens, fingerprint sensors, etc. Moreover, two drones landing-pads are available. They will contribute to agriculture, energy, etc.

Watly has been awarded by the European Union and will launch a crowdfunding campaign in November. We really encourage to take a look at their website to know more about this amazing product.

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