Wavin press-fit system [UPDATE]

A good an easy installation of plumbing at home will ensure no problems in the foreseeable future. The appearance of water leaks can be a nightmare. To find a solution to difficult and problematic installations, Wavin has developed a nice system. It eases really much the installation and ensures that no leaks will take place.


Wavin system can be used for potable water, sanitary and heating applications. The most innovative point of the system is how it is installed. No soldering welding is required. This makes Wavin a fast and cheap solution.

Wavin composition

The pipe is made of the next materials:

  1. Inner plastic layer of cross-linked polyethylene, an outer plastic layer of HDPE and aluminium layer in between.
  2. Multilayer composite pipe resistant to oxygen diffusion with a thermal expansion comparable to copper.
  3. Flexible pipe means fewer fittings and faster, lower cost installation.


Wavin installation

Moreover, thanks to its great design, it’s easy to find any leaks in the installation, reduces push-in-force in the connections and is ressistance agains temperature and corrosion.

In the next video you can watch how easy is to install Wavin system:

Finally, we encourage you to visit Wavin website. Nowadays, you can ask for a free sample to know, at first hand, the benefits of the system.


Thanks to a sample provided by Wavin, we have been able to check the system on our own. As you can see, in the following image, the sample comes in a simple plastic bag. Two short pieces of tube and two connections are included. One is made for continuous connections and the other one for 90┬║ connections.


One of the most remarkable things is how easy is to install. No extra tool to make the full installation is required, diminishing the time necessary.


We really encourage you to visit Wavin website to keep up with the last developments in plumbing.

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