WiBeee. Power consumption via WiFi

Nowadays, we live in a super connected world. The Internet of Things (IoT) is developing more and more devices that make our lives more simple and can help to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. WiBeee is a nice product that will let us know how and when we use power at home.


What does WiBeee make?

WiBeee is a consumption analyzer, available in single-phase and three-phase, that will let you know how your home is using electrical energy. Its WiFi connection will allow you to access your consumption data from anywhere and whenever you want.

WiBeee can be placed at any part of the installation. Thus, you can know if there is some problem in your installation. You can program alarms to reduce your energy consumption if any limit is surpassed.

Once connected, you will be able to know your power consumption from a computer, smartphone or tablet. The data collected is gathered in a cloud server. Therefore, you can compare your current consumption with past ones. The graphical appearance of the apps is really nice and comparison graphics are great.

WiBeee installation

Don’t think WiBeee is one of those tedious devices to install. Thanks to its patented technology, you have to attach it with a clip system to the cables or simply to the upper part of a miniature circuit breaker.

WiBeee installation

WiBee app

As previously mentioned, you can know your data anywhere. You can work on a local connection (using device IP), mobile (with a smartphone or tablet), cloud (web server applicatoin) or with a SCADA application.

WiBeee graphics

As you can see, the graphical appearance of the app is amazing and really easy to use. Comparing consumptions and navigating through the app is simple. Moreover, you will get information not only about your power consumption but also about CO2 emissions and cost in euros.

We encourage you to visit Circutor website and know more about WiBeee.

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