Wilo app. Pump and pipes calculation

Pumps and pipes can be hand-calculated. Nevertheless, if we can simplify that process and make use of a powerful app, it’s a much better idea. Wilo, a company spcialized in pumps and pipes, has designed an intuitive app to calculate those items. Let’s see some of its characteristics and possibilities.

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Wilo app

First of all, you shouldn’t expect to find all the pumps available in the market. Of course, only Wilo products are included in the app. Nevertheless, it can be helpful to have an approximative idea of the power and requirements of your installation.

When you open the app, you will find a brief section with the latests news of Wilo as well as some images of products. At the top right corner, there is a small square that opens the menu of the app. Five categories are included:

  1. Tools
  2. Products information
  3. News
  4. Contacts
  5. Information

We are going to focus our analysis on the tools section. But we want to remark also the valuable part of product information with the full catalogues and manuals.

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Wilo tools

In this section, many small apps are available. We can find a savings calculator, a units conversor, etc. But we want to specially focus on two of those apps: Pumps sizing and Pipes calculator.

Pumps sizing

As you can see in the image above, we must only enter the water flow and the delivery head to make the whole calculation. Afterwards, we must select if the pump is for heating or heated water. The app shows the most suitable pump for that application in just a few seconds.

Pipes calculator

In this second app, shown below, some extra values are required to fulfil the calculation of pipes. First of all, both intake and return water temperatures. Power and water flow complete the necessary information to make the calculation. Furthermore, if you include other information such as the length of the pipe, and the Zeta and Kv values, you can obtain the volume of the pipe, the flow velocity, etc.

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Wilo app is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry. We really encourage you to check it and save time doing some calculations. Although you see the images in Spanish, the app will change the language to your defaults one.

Do you like this kind of apps? Do find them useful? Would you like that more manufacturers develop this kind of apps? Tell us!

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