World Trade Center fastest lift

Today, 29th May, the One World Observatory, sited in the World Trade Center area, will open its doors. It’s placed in the top floors of an amazing building. But, why is this building interesting for us? Well, it has the fastest elevator in the USA.

one world trade center

Manufactured by Thyssenkrupp, the lift can reach up to 37 km/h speeds. It’s true that it isn’t the fastest elevator in the world (Toshiba installed the fastest one in the Taipei 101 building). But it has other functions really amazing.

World Trade Center through history

As we have previously said, the Observatory is placed in the top floors of the building. More specifically, in the 100, 101 and 102. When you take the lift to go up (only 50 seconds), you will be able to watch an outstanding historical evolution of the World Trade Center. The next video shows better what we want to say:

One World Observatory

The Observatory has 12 escalators installed (also by Thyssenkrupp) and great services: restaurant, 3D theatre, market, etc. It is the tallest building in the World Trade Center currently. The Observatory has been designed as a leisure centre. It is expected to be the most important attraction for tourists in the next years. You can watch how is it in the next video:

Source: El Pais.

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