Xandem. Keep an eye on your home

Do you have an alarm system against burglars at home? But, are you tired of false detections and noisy alarms? You may have wanted to have a laser detection alarms like Impossible Mission. Well, now it’s real and you can install it at your home to keep an eye even when you’re away. With an extremely easy installation, let’s know Xandem Home.

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Xandem Home. A nice motion detection

Alarms systems and intruders detection are common nowadays. Some inventive products are arising nowadays. Xandem Home is one of the most interesting ones. It creates a web of rays that can let you know if anybody is at your home. With two different modes, it will send you a notification to your smartphone if an intruder is detected. If you know that your parents or a friend is at your home, you can cancel the alarm. On the contrary, if you don’t expect that anybody was at your home, you can call the police from the app. Amazing.

Furthermore, not only are people detected, but also located. You will be able to know in which room the person is and where is he going. More information to know if he is or not an actual intruder.

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Xandem Home installation

As we have previously mentioned, the installation is really easy. It will just take you about 15 minutes. The steps you must follow are the following ones:

  1. Plug the nodes into wall outlets around your house.
  2. Plug the gateway into an internet connection.
  3. Enable your system on our website using the activation code.
  4. Use our setup tool to draw a map of the area, drag and drop nodes in their approximate locations on the map, and your system is ready!

How many Xandem Home nodes do I need?

According to Xandem, for a house between 90 and 140 squared meters, you will just need 10 nodes. If your house has up to 230 squared meters, 15 nodes are enough. If you are so lucky, and your house is bigger or you have multiple floors, you will need to buy more nodes.

Xandem Home is now on Indiegogo looking for funding. If you really believe that this is a good project, back them and be one of the first people having Xandem at your own home. We also encourage you to visit Xandem website and take a look at the latest news.

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