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As we have mentioned many times in this blog, the necessity of plugs at hour homes is continously increasing. We need plugs for charging our smartphone, working with our computer, watching TV, cooking and so on. And we must also include in that list the new devices for the IoT and wearables. Therefore, power strips have become common inhabitants in our houses. But they don’t have endless inputs. And they usually run out of them when you most need them. Youmo wants to solve that problem with a modular power strip that doesn’t only include sockets, but also amazing extra functions.

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Youmo, an inventive solution to increase the number of plugs

Unlike other power strips, Youmo doesn’t only allow you to connect common plugged devices. Wireless charging, speakers, lights, sensors for security or a USB hub to charge your devices are some of the extra options available with Youmo. You just need to take one base cord (available in three different colours) and add the modular elements that you need. You can choose a basic 3 or five socket for instance. Then, you can also attach one of the modules for extra functions.

Among the most outstanding features of this amazing solution we can remark the availability of both EU and US sockets, a light, a wireless speaker, a multi-usb hub or a wireless charging base. But whether we had to choose only one, we would take the ‘Smart’ module. It gives you IoT capabilities. For example, you will be able to swtich off a lamp connected to the power strip from your smartphone or tablet. You will also receive suggestions for the connected electronic devices.

We do believe that Youmo can be a great solution for those times when you go abroad as you will be able to change the type of sockets easily. Youmo is currently available in Kickstarter looking for funding. At the moment of writing this post, it has already reached its goal and expects to reach new objectives.

Source: Youmo website, Kickstarter

Will you get a new Youmo? Which extra module do you like the most? Tell us!

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